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【成才之路】高中英语 unit4综合测试题 新人教版必修5


Unit 4


满分 100 分,考试时间 90 分钟 Ⅰ.单项填空(每小题 1 分,共 15 分) 1.—How often do you visit your parents? —________.Sometimes twice a mouth, sometimes once a month. A.It depends on B.It depends upon C.It all depends D.Which all depends 答案:C That/It(all)depends.依情况而定。 2.Tom likes swimming,but he doesn't like skating;________. A.neither does his brother B.so his brother does C.nor did his brother D.so it is with his brother 答案:D so it is with sb. 某人也……,此处表示上述两种情况也适合汤姆的哥哥。 3.Nowhere else in the world________more attractive scenery than in Switzerland. A.you can find B.can you find C.you have found D.is found 答案:B nowhere 位于句首引起部分倒装。 4.—Can children swim in the pool? —Yes.However, at no time________they do so alone. A.may B.need C.could D.should 答案:D at no time 放句首引起部分倒装;should 应该。 5.Being able to speak another language fluently is a great________when you're looking for a job. A.advantage B.chance C.assistant D.importance 答案:A advantage 优势;assistant 助手。 6.The building project________next year is not easy________in time. A.being carried out,to complete B.carried out,to be completed C.to be carried out, to complete D.to be carried out, to be completed 答案:C to be carried out 为不定式短语作定语,表明先行词承受该动作且是一个 将要发生的动作;第二个空为 sth. be easy to do 结构。 7.Please check the shopping list________make sure everything needed________. A.so as to;buying B.in order to;buy C.so as to;has been bought D.in order to;be bought 答案:C so as to 为了,以便;第二个空是谓语部分。 8.She was very nervous during her first________for a job. A.see B.interview C.view D.meet 答案:B interview 面试。 9.Many officials________the matter were arrested and would be put in prison. A.involving in B.involved in C.involved D.involving

答案:B be/get involved in 被卷入……中。 10.Building the road will________the construction of ten bridges. A.contain B.involve C.take D.include 答案:B 此处 involve 指“牵涉”。 11.The education of________young is always________hot and serious topic in the modern society. A.the;/ B.the;a C./;the D.a;the 答案:B the young 年轻人;a hot and serious topic 一个热烈又严肃的话题。 12 . With an online course Lynn has over 300,000 students all over China________her classes through the Internet. A.attending B.attended C.attend D.are attending 答案:A attending...是现在分词短语作后置定语。 13.The librarian promised to get the book for me ________she could remember who last borrowed it. A.ever since B.in case C.if only D.even if 答案:C if only 要是。 14.—How does it happen that your business goes wrong? —But I’ve done everything that is________by law. A.required B.judged C.wanted D.desired 答案:A require 命令;要求。 15.There appeared a ________look on her face on hearing the unexpected news. A.worrying B.worried C.worry D.worries 答案:B 听到消息后,是她的脸上露出着急的表情,而 worrying look 表示“使他人 着急的表情”,显然不合题意。 Ⅱ.完形填空(每小题 1 分,共 20 分) For many people today, reading is no longer a relaxation. To keep up their work they must read letters, reports, trade publications, interoffice communications, not to mention newspapers and magazines:a never?ending flood of words. In__16__a job or advancing in one, the ability to read and comprehend__17__can mean the difference between success and failure. Yet the unfortunate fact is that most of us are__18__readers. Most of us develop poor reading__19__at an early age, and never get over them. The main deficiency__20__in the actual stuff of language itself—words. Taken individually, words have__21__meaning until they are strung together into phrases, sentences and paragraphs.__22__ , however, the untrained reader does not read groups of words. He laboriously reads one word at a time, often regressing(退回)to__23__words or passages. Regression, the tendency to look back over__24__you have just read, is a common bad habit in reading. Another habit which__25__down the speed of reading is vocalization—sounding each word either orally or metally as__26__reads. To overcome these bad habits, some reading clinics use a device called an__27__, which moves a bar(or curtain)down the page at a predetermined(预先确定的)speed. The bar is set at a slightly faster rate__28__the reader finds comfortable, in order to “stretch”him. The accelerator forces the reader to read fast , __29__word?by?word reading, regression and subvocalization( 默 读 )practically impossible. At first__30__is sacrificed for speed. But when you learn to read ideas

and concepts, you will not only read faster,__31__your comprehension will improve. Many people have found__32__reading skill drastically improved after some training.__33__Charlce Au, a business manager, for instance, his reading rate was reasonably good, 172 words a minute__34__the training, but now it is excellent, 1378 words a minute. He is delighted that now he can__35__a lot more reading materials in a short period of time. 16.A.applying B.doing C.offering D.getting 答案:D applying 需加 for,意思是“申请”;doing“做”;offering“提供”。此 三项均不符题意,只有 getting(获得)适合。 17.A.quickly B.esaily C.roughly D.decidedly 答案: A 根据句意:“快速阅读与理解的能力,是关系到成败的关键所在”。只有 quickly 与原意吻合。easily(容易地);roughly(粗略地);decidedly(果断地),均与原文 内容不符。 18.A.good B.curious C.poor S.urgent 答案:C 根据文化背景:英语中,阅读能力强的人称为 good reader,反之,就是 poor reader。根据上下文,多数人都属于 poor reader,因此选 poor(差的)。其他选项不妥。 19.A.training B.habits C.situations D.custom 答案:B 根据句意:“我们大多数人早期养成了看书慢的*惯。”因此选 habits(* 惯)。training(训练,培训);situations(形势);custom(风俗)。 20.A.lies B.combines C.touches D.involves 答案:A 根据句意:“主要的不足在于语言的自身要素,即单词”。combines 联合; touches 接触; involves 包括, 这三项的词义与原文不符。 而 lies 与 in 构成搭配, 意为“在 于”。 21.A.some B.a lot of C.little D.dull 答案: C 根据句意: “如果单独地看这些词, 它们并没有什么意义”。 some 有些; a lot of 许多;dull 单调的。此三项不合题意。只有 little(几乎没有)是否定词,合乎逻辑。 22.A.Fortunately B.In fact C.Logically D.Unfortunately 答案:D 根据句意:“然而遗憾的是未受过阅读训练的人就不会按意群阅 读 ”fortunately 幸 运 地 ; in fact 事 实 上 ; logically 合 乎 逻 辑 地 , 均 不 妥 。 unfortunately(不幸地)合乎句意。 23.A.reuse B.reread C.rewrite D.recite 答案:B 根据句意可知在阅读时经常重读(反复读),因此,选 reread 重读。reuse 再 使用;rewrite 改写;recite 背诵。 24.A.what B.which C.that D.if 答案:A 根据上下文,what 引导宾语从句。 25.A.scales B.cuts C.slows D.measures 答案: C 根据语境, scale down 按比例减少; cut down 削减, 此两项不合题意。 measure 不能与 down 搭配。只有 slow 与 down 搭配的意思“放慢,减速”符合题意。 26.A.another B.one C.that D.reader 答案:B 根据上下文,one 泛指“任何人”。

27.A.accelerator B.actor C.amplifier D.observer 答案:A 根据句意:“训练快速阅读所使用的工具必然与提高阅读速度有关”,因此 选 accelerator(加速器)。actor 演员;amplifier 放大器;observer 观察者。 28.A.then B.as C.beyond D.than 答案:D 根据上文的 faster 决定了应当选 than,构成比较级。 29.A.enabling B.leading C.making D.indicating 答案:C make...impossible(使……不可能)。根据句意:“快速阅读器迫使读者加快 阅读速度,使其再也不能逐字阅读,回顾前文内容或者默读。” 30.A.meaning B.comprehension C.gist D.regression 答案: B 根据句意:“速度最初会影响理解”,所以选 comprehension( 理解力 )。 meaning 意义,意思,指词或词组表示的意义,gist 大意,要旨;regression 回顾。 31.A.but B.nor C.or D.for 答案:A 根据上文的 not only,构成句式“不仅……,而且……”,只有选 but。 32.A.our B.your C.their D.such a 答案:C 根据本句中的主语是第三人称复数,物主代词必然是 their。 33.A.Look at B.Take C.Make D.Consider 答案:B take 与后面的 for instance 构成短语,根据句意:“以……为例”,其他 三项不能构成搭配。 34.A.for B.in C.after D.before 答案:D 根据上下文可知受训之前和受训之后的阅读速度进行对比,因此选 before。 35.A.master B.go over C.present D.get through 答案:D 根据句意:“在短时间内,读完更多的资料”,master 掌握;go over 复*; present 呈现,展现,此三项均不妥。只有 get through(读完)最恰当。 Ⅲ.阅读理解(每小题 2 分,共 40 分) A One of the most famous travelers in history was Marco Polo. At the age of 17, he left Italy with his father and uncle. It took them more than three years to cross the mountains of Asia. In the year 1275, they reached China. They stayed in China for almost 20 years and went to many places. They were very surprised at what they saw. China was a country far more advanced than Italy or any other countries in Europe. After he returned to Italy, Marco Polo told many of his stories to a friend. His book, Description of the World, became the most popular book in Europe. People found it difficult to believe his stories of people, animals, places and things. They were so different from Europe at that time. These are a few of Marco's descriptions. In one area of China, there were black stones. People dug them out of the mountains. They burned very slowly. People used them to cook and keep their homes warm. The Chinese people were also very clean. In every town, there were many public baths. Everyone bathed at least three times a week. Rich families built baths in their homes and bathed every day.

China was one of the first countries to use paper money. On one of his trips in the south of China, Marco Polo saw a strange animal which lived along the rivers. It looked like a large piece of wood and was more than ten feet long. In the front, it had two small legs. Its eyes were very large. Its mouth was big enough to eat a man and its teeth were long. Most people believed Marco Polo's stories. But others told him that they did not believe his descriptions. He answered that he did not tell half of what he saw in his book. 36.According to the passage, Marco Polo ________. A.came to China in the fourteenth century B.lived in Asia before he came to China C.left China in about 1285 D.was about 40 years old when he left China 答案:D 马可·波罗 17 岁开始来中国旅行,路上用了三年多的时间,在中国呆了*二 十年,所以他离开中国时大约四十岁。 37.The reason why Marco Polo's book became the most popular book in Europe may be________. A.his book was very cheap so most people could afford it B.the stories in the book were very interesting because European people never heard of them C.many people wanted to know whether the stories in the book were true or not D.the book was very easy to understand 答案:B 人们发现很难相信他描述的故事,这与当时欧洲的情况大不相同,所以该书 畅销的原因是能引起的人们的兴趣。 38.The strange animal described in Marco Polo's book________. A.had large eyes and lived in the mountains B.had long legs and lived in the rivers C.had very big mouth and lived along the rivers D.had very long teeth and lived in the forests 答案: C 根据第六自然段的描述, 他写的动物是鳄鱼, 所以要选 C。 答案 B 错在 long legs 上。 39.Which of the following is NOT true? A.In the thirteenth century, there were not many or even no baths in European towns. B.Chinese people began to use coal to cook and give off heat in the thirteenth century. C.Chinese people used paper money earlier than European people. D.European people knew the animal that Marco Polo described in his book. 答案:D 细节理解。根据三、四、五段可知 A、B、C 是对的。根据综合理解,马可·波 罗所描述的动物是鳄鱼,在当时,欧洲人还不知道。故选 D。 B Americans think that travel is good for you. Some even think it can help to solve one of the country's worst problems—crime (犯罪). Crime worries a lot of people. Every year, the number of crimes is up and up. And many criminals (罪犯) are young. They often come from sad homes, with only one parent or no parents at all. There are many young criminals in prison. But prison doesn't change them. Six or seven in ten will go back to crime when they come out of prison. One man, Bob Burton, thought of a new idea. In the old days, young men had to live a difficult life on the road. They learned to be strong and brave, and to help their friends in time of danger. This helped them grow into men. So Bob Burton started

“Vision Quest.”He takes young criminals on a long, long journey with horses and wagons (马车), 3,000 miles through seven states. They are on the road for more than a year. The young people in Vision Quest all have bad problems. Most of them have already spent time in prison. This is their last chance. It's hard work on the road. The day starts before the sun comes up. The boys and girls have to feed the horses. Some of them have never loved anyone before. But they love their horse. That love can help them to live a new life. Not all the young people on Vision Quest will leave crime behind them. Three or four in ten will one day be in prison again. Bob Burton is right. Travel can be good for you. Even today, Americans still say,“Go west, young men.” 40.In the last paragraph “leave crime behind them” means________. A.no longer do a crime B.leave people who do a crime C.don't do all the crimes D.leave criminals behind 答案: A 语境词义题。 由最后一段可推断出, Not all the young people on Vision Quest will leave crime behind them. Three or four in ten will one day be in prison again. 可推断出,参加这种活动的罪犯,每十个人中仍会有三至四人终有一天还会重进监狱。因此 leave crime behind 可理解为“不再犯罪”之意。本题答案为 A。 41.Why is Bob Burton RIGHT? A.Because he can help to solve crime. B.Because three or four is better than six or seven. C.Because the young criminals have a hard life on the road. D.Because he can stop crime in the country. 答案:B 深层推断题。由最后一段的 Three or four in ten will one day be in prison again.Bob Burton is right.可知,尽管不能拯救所有的人,但 Bob Burton 的试验可拯救 十分之六、七的犯人,这与监狱只能拯救十分之三、四的犯人相比是一个巨大的进步。答案 为 B。 42.From the passage we may infer that________. A.getting up before the sun rises can help out of crime B.we can hardly find a person who has no love for anybody or anything C.travelling can help all criminals out of prison D.being brave and strong can do with crime 答案:B 深层推断题。Bob Burton 的 Vision Quest 试验就是基于不是所有的犯人都 没有爱心,不能被拯救这一点。本题答案为 B。 43.In “Vision Quest”________. A.young people have bad problems B.young people grow tall very fast C.young people often help their friends in time of danger D.young people can do anything freely 答案:C 语境理解判断题。由第四段中的 They learned to be strong and brave, and to help their friends in time of danger.可知,所有参与这个活动的犯人在遇见困 难时都能相互帮助。本题答案为 C。 44.Americans still say, “Go west, young men.” Because________. A.if they go west they can have a travel B.in the west there is a prison C.there they have to live a hard life to grow into men D.prison doesn't change them 答案:C 因果推断题。 由第六段、第七段可推断出这种旅行是艰苦的,但可培养和改 造人。因此本题答案为 C。

C Read the following time table and then answer the following questions. Train Timetable. Lv. (Leave) Boston Ar. (Arrive) Midway Ar. New York 5:10 AM Ex. (Except) Sun. 7:00 AM 10:45 AM 7:10 AM Daily 9:00 AM 12:45 PM 9:10 AM Ex. Sat. & Sun. 11:00 AM 2:45 PM 10:00 AM Ex. Hol. (Holiday) 11:45 AM 2:45 PM 1:15 PM Daily 3:15 PM 5:45 PM 3:40 PM Ex. Hol. 5:40 PM 8:15 PM 5:20 PM Daily 7:20 PM 9:55 PM 45.What is the shortest time between Boston and New York by train? A.5 hours 35 minutes. B.5 hours 5 minutes. C.4 hours 30 minutes. D.4 hours 25 minutes. 答案:C 计算比较题。通过计算可发现,从 Boston 到 New York 的 1:15PM 列车只需 要 4 hours 30 minutes,由此推知此题答案为 C。 46.How many trains have to spend over five hours on the way from Boston to New York? A.5. B.3. C.7. D.2. 答案:B 计算题。通过计算可发现 5:10AM、7:10AM、9:10AM 这三趟列车从 Boston 到 New York 需要五个多小时,由此可推知此题答案为 B。 47.On Christmas Day, how many trains at least can you take from Boston to New York? A.2. B.4. C.5. D.3. 答案:D 判断题。因为圣诞节属于节日,所以不能乘坐 10:00AM 和 3:40PM 这两班列 车,而圣诞节又可能是星期六或星期天,所以有可能不能乘坐 5:10AM 和 9:10AM 这两班列 车。这样,一定能乘坐的就只有三班车了,故选 D。 D Trees are useful to man in three very important ways: they provide him with wood and products ; they give him shade and they help to prevent drought (干旱) and floods. Unfortunately, in many parts of the world, in his eagerness to draw quick benefit from the tree ,man has cut down a large number of trees. Even where a government realizes the importance of plentiful supply of trees , it is difficult for it to persuade the villagers to see this. So unless the government has a great system (体 系) of control ,or can educate the people, forests slowly disappear. The results are more serious: for where there are trees their roots break the soil up, wing the rain to sink and also hold the soil ,thus preventing it being washed away easily, but where there are no trees, the soil becomes hard and poor. The rain falls on hard ground and flows away on the surface, causing floods , and carry away with it the rich top?soil in which crops grow so well. When all the top?soil is gone, nothing remains hot worthless desert. 48.The purpose that the writer wrote this article for is ________. A.to tell people that trees are very useful to man B.to warn people not to cut down trees any more C.to warn that man mustn' t destroy forests any more D.to explain how trees help to prevent drought and floods 答案:C 作者在文章中分析了造成水土流失的原因,指出了人们只顾眼前利益,乱伐 树的严重后果,意在告诫人们不能随意砍伐树木。 49.In the writer's opinion,________, or the forests slowly disappear.

A.measures must be taken B.people shouldn't draw benefit from the tree C.government must realize the serious results D.unless trees never be cut down 答案:A 作者对森林保护与利用关系的观点是辨证的,所反对的是急功*利的乱砍滥 伐,并非主张完全彻底地禁伐。文中也提到保护树木只停留在认识上的重视是不够的,必须 要有具体行动,政府部门要采取强有力的措施。 50.According to the article we know it is________to prevent the forests from slowly disappearing. A.necessary but impossible B.necessary but difficult C.impossible and unimportant D.difficult and impossible 答案:B 51.In the last two paragraphs the writer wanted to make it clear that ________. A.where there are no trees , the soil becomes hard and poor B.where there are many trees ,there are fewer floods C.where there are no trees ,the land might become desert slowly D.floods will make the land become desert 答案:C 这两段的首句便点明了伐尽树木的后果,从对树木保持水土机理的说明,分 析到乱伐树木产生的严重后果,说明保护森林必要性,进一步表现出文章的主题。 E To learn English well you must learn about yourself. You must discover what your own special needs are in English. You should pick out what makes English different from your own language and concentrate on(集中精力) those parts. And above all, you should pick out your own personal weaknesses in English, pick out your own special problems, find out what mistakes you most often make and make a list of them. It will be best if, in your preparation, you can practise doing all sorts of work that you will be asked to do in examination. You should then make a careful note of any mistakes that you make more than once. Count up how many times you make for each mistake, and the mistake you make most often should be at the top of your list, the next most common in the second place, and so on. For example, if your native language is Japanese, you may find the problem of articles comes at the top of your list. If you speak German, you may find using some of the conjunctions is your biggest problem. If your mother tongue is French, you find you are always having trouble with some of prepositions. And if Italian is your language, you may constantly forget to use a suitable pronoun when you should. But these are only examples of mistakes typical of certain languages. They may or may not be your particular personal mistakes. As I say, these personal ones are the most important of all to discover. 52.The most important thing to learn English well is to________. A.find out the difference between your own language and English B.discover your own special needs in the language C.learn about yourself as much as possible D.pick out your own personal weaknesses in English 答案:D 考查细节理解。从第一段中的 And above all, you should pick out your own personal weaknesses in English, pick out your own special problems, find out what mistakes you most often make and make a list of them.可知。 53.The writer's advice to the readers is to________. A.spend as much time on English as possible B.take examinations of various sorts

C.keep a notebook with the important languages points in it D.find out their own problems in doing selected exercises 答案:D 考查推理判断。综合第二段内容可推知。 54.The first item on the list should be the mistake you make________. A.most often B.many times C.more than more D.very often 答案:A 考查推理判断。从第二段中的 and the mistake you make most often should be at the top of your list, the next most common in the second place, and so on. 可推出。 55.To make a list of personal mistakes________. A.is a must for any English learner B.is a time?consuming job C.needs careful work D.can help your study of prepositions 答案:C 考查常识理解。从文章可知要找出自己语言学*中的一系列错误,显然是需 要仔细的工作了。 Ⅳ.写作(25 分) 人类已经进入了一个崭新的世纪, 不同的人有不同的幸福观。 公益广告部发出“幸福是 什么”的广告征文,请你根据下表提示,用英语写一篇短文,以便向该刊投稿。 People Happiness Benefits some money Buying and doing anything some power Something more than money some health Enjoyment I Study, family, work knowledge, contributions 注意:1.词数:120 左右; 2.短文的开头已给出,不记入总词数; 3.紧扣表格内容,但不能逐字翻译,可适当展开叙述; 4.必须阐明自己对幸福的看法。 Happiness Happiness means different things to different people. _______________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________. 答案: Happiness means different things to different people. For example, some people believe that if they have lots of money, they will be happy, for they can do anything they like, which means happiness. On the other hand, some people believe that holding a high position in the government is happiness. In this way, you have not only money, but also many other things which can't be bought by money. However, other people believe health is happiness. They think it can bring them enjoyment. For me, happiness is my studies, my work and my family. When I made progress in my studies, when I made contributions to the society, when all the members in my family live together, sharing good and sad times, I am happy. Although people have different opinion on happiness, my “wealth” of happiness is in my studies, my work, and my family.