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高考英语一轮复* Unit3 Under the sea课件 新人教版选修7(福建专用)



Unit 3

Under the sea

① witness vt. & n.
根据语境猜词义 (1)Did anyone witness the robbery?

(2)He witnessed my signature on the new agreement.
(3)Her tears witnessed the shame she felt.

(4)She was a witness of the accident.
(5)He is a living witness to my clemency (仁慈). (6)His anxiety was a witness to his love for her.

① witness vt. & n.

A.目击;亲眼见到 vt.
B.为……(签名)作证 vt.

C.表明 vt.
D.目击者 n. E.(出庭的)证人; 见证人(可数) F.证明;见证(可数,不可数)




(3)C (4)D



① witness vt. & n.
单项填空 After the explosion, the policemen did a lot of work to find out some clues from ________. D

A. directors
C. applicants 解析 工作。

B. views
D. witnesses


② urge vt.
根据语境猜词义 (1)She urged that he write and accept the post.

(2)He urged his horse forward.
(3)They urged the difficulty of getting supplies.

(4)He urged me to join their company.
(5)Father has an urge to visit Africa.

② urge vt.
根据语义找匹配 A.催促,力劝(某人)vt. B.* vt. C.强烈的愿望 (可数)

D.强调;促使认识 vt. 解析 (1)A (2)B (3)D (4)A (5)C

② urge vt.
链接 urge sb. to do sth. 催促某人做某事

urge that…
urge for


语气,谓语多用动词原形) 要求做出 催促某人/某物前进 urge sb./sth. on

urge sb. into doing sth. 催促某人做某事

It is/was urged that


为(should +)动词原形

② urge vt.
单项填空 In order to make good use of their spare time, they

D open during the vacation. urged that the library ______
A. must be kept B. is kept

C. would be kept

D. be kept

urge 后跟宾语从句,构成虚拟语气,谓语多


③ help out 帮助某人摆脱困难,困境

(1) What evidence was there that he was helping the
whalers out?

(2) Can you help me out with the maths problem? 你能帮我解这道数学题吗?

③ help out 帮助某人摆脱困难,困境
短语 help sb. (to)do sth. 帮助某人做某事

help (to)do sth.


cannot help doing sth.

cannot help but do sth.
help oneself (to sth. ) help sb. with sth.

不能不 / 不得不做某事


be of great help to sb. 对某人有帮助

③ help out 帮助某人摆脱困难,困境
翻译句子 (1)简帮助他摆脱了经济困难。 (2)这一慈善团体的宗旨是帮助人们实行自助。 (3)我情不自禁地笑起来。 答案

(1) Jane helped him out of his financial difficulties.
(2)This charity aims to help people to help themselves. (3) I can't help laughing.

④ hold up
根据语境猜词义 (1)The pupil held up his hand to ask the teacher a question. A (2) Sorry I am late, but my train was held up. 根据语义找匹配


A. 举起;抬起
B. 耽搁;延误

④ hold up
短语 hold on hold back 继续;坚持 阻挡;抑制;克制

hold out


hold on to 抓牢;保留 hold a position / post hold one's breath hold the view 持有观点 屏住呼吸

hold one's attention


④ hold up

(1)They managed to __________ until help arrived.
(2)Our flight was __________ by fog. (3)We can stay here for as long as our supplies _______. (4)She just managed to __________ her anger. 答案 (1) hold on (2) held up

(3) hold out

(4) hold back

⑤ reflect v.
根据语境猜词义 (1) The lake reflected the surrounding mountains. B (2) Public anger is reflected in the latest opinion polls. A (3) He reflects for a moment and then begins to speak



A. 反映 B. 反射;反照 C. 反思;思考

⑤ reflect v.
短语 reflect sb. / sth. in sth. (指镜子等)映出某人 / 物的影像

reflect sth. from sth.

reflect on / upon sth. 思考某事
链接 reflection n. 反射,反照,反映;映象; 思考

⑤ reflect v.
根据括号内的中文提示完成句子 (1)She sat __________( 在 思 考 )how much it had

changed since he'd bought the farm.
(2)This material absorbs the sound, and _________

(3)This incident ___________(对……造成了恶劣影 响)everyone involved.

⑤ reflect v.

(1) reflecting on

(2) doesn't reflect it
(3) reflected badly on

⑥ become/be aware of
根据语境猜词义 (1) Most smokers are perfectly aware of the dangers of



(2) He was aware of a faint smell of gas. A

A. 察觉到;注意到

B. 意识到;明白;知道

⑥ become/be aware of
链接 awareness n. 意识,认识

be aware that-clause make sb. aware of… as far as I'm aware lack of awareness 知道;体会到…… 使某人注意到…… 据我所知 逐渐懂得…… 缺乏认识

make sb. aware that… 提醒某人注意……

develop an awareness of…

⑥ become/be aware of
辨析 aware / conscious 二者都可表示“意识到的”,都可用于be aware /

conscious of结构。

I'm aware that she is dishonest.
I suddenly felt aware of somebody watching me. conscious指内心所意识到的感觉。 He is hurt but still conscious.

⑥ become/be aware of
单项填空 (1)Also when you write your goals in a particular way

you are able to make yourself continuously ______ A
situations that will bring you nearer to your goal.

A. aware of
C. familiar with

B. worried about
D. accustomed to

⑥ become/be aware of

A of the dangers and (2)The goat seemed to be ______
started to run.
A. aware B. clumsy

C. fragile

D. shallow

⑦ upside down 根据语境猜词义 (1)The picture is hanging upside down. (2)The children turned the house upside down. 根据语义找匹配 A.上下颠倒;底朝上;倒转

答案 (1)A (2)B

⑦ upside down 翻译句子 (1)贼把我的房间弄得乱七八糟。 (2)我的孙子把花瓶打翻了。 答案 (1)Thieves left my house upside down. (2)My grandson made the vase upside down.

⑧ sharp adj. & adv. 根据语境猜词义 (1)Be careful with that axe. It's very sharp.

(2)That photograph isn't very sharp.
(3)After the storm there was a sharp drop in temperature.

(4)His sharp words hurt me.
(5)She has such a sharp voice.

⑧ sharp adj. & adv. 根据语境猜词义 (6)The mustard has a sharp taste.

(7)There was a sharp frost last night.
(8)He walked off at a sharp pace.

(9)Tell him I'll be there at eleven sharp.
(10)The car stopped sharp less than a meter away from him.

⑧ sharp adj. & adv. 根据语义找匹配



C.急剧的;猛烈的;剧烈的 F.酸的;辛辣的 H.敏捷的;赶快的

E. (指人)厉害的;尖刻的;严厉的 G.酷寒的 I.(某时)整;准在(某时)

J.急剧地;猛烈地 答案 (1)A (2)B
(6)F (7)G




⑧ sharp adj. & adv.

sharply adv. 急剧地; 急速地;大幅度地; 严厉地;


⑧ sharp adj. & adv. 单项填空 A It is very ________ of you to notice that detail straightaway. A. sharp B. enthusiastic C. eager D. aware



⑨ As we drew closer, I could see a whale being attacked by a pack of about six other killers. (P20) 随着我们的*夷芸醇惶蹙ㄓ阏诒黄 他6只虎鲸袭击。 see a whale being attacked 看到鲸正在被袭击, 句中 “being attacked”作宾语补足语,表示动作正

在被进行。在中学英语中being done 结构通常用于

宾语补足语: (1)When he came to himself, he found himself being looked after by an old lady. (2)When I was a child, I used to watch bicycles being repaired. 后置定语: (1)The question being discussed now is of great importance to us all. (2)The tall house being built over there belongs to my uncle.

主语: (1) Being exposed to too much radiation will do great harm to your health. (2) Being bitten by a dog put him into a hospital.

(1) He narrowly missed being shot.

(2) He insisted on his being called Mr. Cliff instead of
Mr. Clive.

注意:“being done”形式作宾语补足语和后置定语 时表被动,同时又表进行,然而在作主语和宾语时 仅表被动。

单项填空 (1)Henry can't attend the party ______ D at Tom's house

at present because he is preparing the speech at the
party ______ at Marie's house tomorrow. A. held; being held B. to be held; to be held C. to be held; held

D. being held; to be held


B (2)— Do you know anything about the meeting _____
in Italy? — Yes, and as a matter of fact I attended it. A. to be held C. being held B. held D. to hold

单项填空 (3)New ideas sometimes have to wait for years before ______. A A. being fully accepted B. fully accepting C. having fully accepted D. fully accepted

单项填空 (4)Some of the suspects ________ refused to answer C and kept their mouths shut. A. questioning B. being questioned

C. questioned

D. to be questioned

单项填空 (5)________ as the most excellent student in her D university, as most classmates had expected, made her parents very happy. A. Mary was chosen

B. Mary chosen
C. Mary being chosen

D. Mary's being chosen